Internal Control Unit


  • Control of all payment orders at the determined level of economic classification.
  • Establishment, implementation, and improvement of the internal control system and its standards.
  • Pre-audit activities.
  • Calculation of the financial burden of draft laws that will impose obligations on the administration.
  • Control of draft commitments and contracts that will require expenditure, whether subject to procurement laws or not, with amounts exceeding 1,000,000 Turkish Liras for goods and services procurement, and 1,500,000 Turkish Liras for construction works.
  • Control of staff distribution tables.
  • Control of personnel lists eligible for travel cards.
  • Control of temporary worker numbers and distributions.
  • Control of wage and compensation tables.
  • Control of contracts with contracted personnel.
  • Control of decisions and transactions determined by the top executive's approval.
  • Ensuring that internal control assurance statements are included in activity reports.

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To Fulfill the Objectives of Internal Control According to Article 4 of the Principles and Procedures Regarding Internal Control and Pre-Audit