Strategic Planning Unit


  • Creating a preparatory program for the administration's strategic planning efforts, providing or ensuring the provision of training and consultancy services required during the strategic planning process, and coordinating strategic planning activities.
  • Performing other support services related to strategic planning.
  • Preparing the administration's activity report.
  • Conducting work on determining the mission of the administration.
  • Examining external factors that will affect the services within the scope of the administration's duties.
  • Identifying new service opportunities and taking measures against threats that may hinder effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Conducting internal capacity research, analyzing the effectiveness of services and beneficiary satisfaction, and conducting general research.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the administration.
  • Conducting research and development activities related to the administration's scope of duties.
  • Collecting, classifying, and analyzing information and data related to the administration's activities.


Contact :

Job Title Telephone Fax
Brnch Manager (0212) 285 6816 (0212) 285 3003